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Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting is any type of hosting using the operating system called Linux on the server. Linux is a Unix-like operating system provided as a free, open source choice. Linux is most common and widely used operating system in the web hosting industry. Even though Windows OS is the most widely used OS for computers because of its simplicity to use, this isn’t the case with Windows Hosting. Windows Hosting is very complex compared to Linux Hosting. And it doesn’t support PHP, a scripting language which is widely used and very simple. This makes way for Linux Hosting. So no wonder Linux Hosting Powers about 80% of web servers in the world. And we’re all price conscious who need top-notch features at a very low price. This is why Linux Hosting is most preferred as opposed to Windows Hosting. Linux, an open-source operating system, is the most popular OS among Web hosting providers. Open source means the source code can be used, modified and redistributed freely in both commercial and non-commercial capacities. Web hosting providers prefer this to the more restrictive Windows platform because it allows greater customization in server capabilities and user options. Few hosting services offer Windows-based hosting, and those who do charge a higher monthly fee than Linux-based hosting. Historically, Windows has struggled as a hosting platform in terms of stability, but recent iterations of the product place it on a similar playing field as Linux.